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Black Esther is a blend of 80's-inspired synth pop, contemporary indie alternative, and anthemic vocal hooks. The brainchild of Illinois native Bryan Byers, Black Esther started playing live shows in Byers' home state in 2015. Despite many of the songs being upbeat and danceable, Byers is very personal and honest with his lyrics, drawing from his own experience with depression, anxiety, and his diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis. The music relies heavily on programmed synths and sound, but also incorporates live instruments to give the music an organic, human element.

Byers played in bands through high school and college, dabbling in songwriting, but primarily as the drummer in indie rock group The Color Channel. As members aged and bands fell apart, Byers started creating electronic music and writing songs on his own. After a few years of songwriting and production, he decided to start performing his music with a live band.

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